No Lose Stocks Service

The No Lose Stocks service is no longer taking signups. The exact same trade recommendations are made by Options Trading Service.

No Lose Stocks has one goal:

Protect Your Happiness

It does this by protecting your money. If you lose money, you’re unhappy. Even if you gain that money back, you’re still not as happy as if you had never lost the money.

Which would you rather do?

- Make $900k on an investment that pays off, and then lose $800k on a botched investment.

- Or make $100k on an investment that pays off.

Most people would prefer the $100k. They both end up in the same place monetarily, but in the first situation, you have to suffer the loss. And losses are painful.

So, I avoid losses by using the No Lose Stocks strategy (NLS for short).

Step 1:
All my money goes into CDs earning a guaranteed return. I call this money my “Core Capital”. I never want to lose any of this money. This number only goes up…never down.

If someone asks me how much money I have, this is the number that pops into my head…whether I’m going to tell them the number or not…

Step 2:
I use only the interest from my Core Capital to buy the New Trades suggested by NLS in the daily emails.

This takes me about 20 minutes a month. That’s all the time I spend on investing each month.

(If you want to know how NLS chooses the New Trades, email me at and I will gladly tell you. Fair warning though, every time I explain it to someone their eyes glaze over. Which is exactly why I am not putting the explanation here.)

So now I’ve purchased some call options that NLS suggested.

Step 3:
I forget about them. I go enjoy life. Play with the kid. Spend time with the wife. Read a good book. Do projects around the house. Vacation. Whatever I want with my free time. But not agonizing over investing.

This is the part you won’t be used to doing. It will feel weird like you *should* be doing something. That’ll go away eventually. You don’t care what happens in the daily news, in the blogs, or on the stock charts. Wasting time on that junk won’t help your investments. It’s all noise and distraction from what NLS’s goal is…protecting your happiness.

So now I’ve placed my bets, and I’ll be alerted if I need to do anything more.

If the stock doesn’t go up, then I’ll never hear from it again. But if it does go up…

Step 4:
If I get an alert from Dividendium that a stock has hit my strike price, then I sell the option immediately.

But couldn’t it go higher? Shouldn’t I hold out and squeeze it for every ounce?

You can if you like, but I don’t and I don’t recommend it. I sell immediately for two reasons.

First, if I wait, and it goes up, but then it falls again, I’m in the same boat as above suffering through the loss. That goes against the goal of NLS.

Second, when the stock hits it’s strike price, the call option is no longer as highly leveraged. Before the bet was “risk a little, make a lot”…when you hit the strike price it’s more like “risk some, gain some”.

I wouldn’t buy a “risk some, gain some” trade, so that means it’s time to sell it.

When I sell an option, I add the resulting funds to my Core Capital number.

My Core Capital has now gone up…I’m a hero!!! Victory lap!!!

So that’s really all there is to the NLS strategy. You can make it more complicated or less, but I would always try to ask youself “is this going to help protect my happiness?

I would bet that whatever you want to add will just make you more aware of losses and so hurt your happiness.

  • Protects your happiness
  • Daily trade suggestions in your email
  • 14 day free trial
  • No credit card required
  • Cancels automatically if you do nothing
  • $50/month after free trial

100% money back guarantee for any reason, any time...even years later. I want only happy customers.

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